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April 10, 2008
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The Eureka Fire Commissioners meeting was called to order at 1900 by Chairman Steve Hoffmann. Those present were Commissioners Loren McKee and Tad Cowell.  

Visitors: Larry Padberg, Cynthia Hoffmann, Aaron Hoffmann, Jim Ruffcorn, Brent Tompkins, Greg Fletcher, and Jim Cranston.  

 Welcome to delegates, visitors and guests. 


The minutes of the March 13, 2008 meeting were available to each commissioner in hardcopy and were carefully reviewed. Tad Cowell moved to approve the minutes, Loren McKee seconded. Unanimous. 


Secretary reported that the March 2008 Treasurers report reflected $285,763.62 in the expense fund and $30,347.17 in the reserve funds. The April bills totaled $23,637.41 


Vouchers audited and certified by the Auditing Officer as required by RCW 42.24.090, have been recorded on a listing which has been made available to the board. The bills for the current month were $23,637.41 they were reviewed and an itemized breakdown was provided. Secretary asked commissioners to sign voucher. Tad Cowell moved to approve bills as presented, seconded by Loren McKee. Unanimous.  


Secretary will invest all expense and reserve funds minus the April bills for a total of $292,330.00. Steve Hoffmann moved to approve investment of money as presented, seconded by Lauren. Unanimous.


Brent Tompkins was present to represent district # 1 as a commissioner and Greg Fletcher as a volunteer for district # 1 and commissioner of dist # 7. Discussion of missing equipment between district #1 and #3 was resolved. Brent and Greg identified several missing items and offered to share news at district # 1 meeting in the coming week. Chief Ruffcorn gave a review of things happening within the county to update Brent on many countywide procedures being implemented.  


Chief Ruffcorn indicated the volunteers would be having a PPE meeting on 4/16/2008. This meeting would be to clarify what PPE were needed on fire scenes and order new items for those that are damage, missing, or not updated. Jim presented a quote for pagers and radios from Day-Wireless. Commissioners agreed that Jim should order up to date equipment for the safety of our volunteers, as many do not have functional pagers and/or radios as well as turnout equipment. Jim will ensure all new equipment will be compatible with near future FCC rule changes.

Jim indicated that EVAP training would be 3 consecutive evenings the first week of May. Several suggestions were put out to have training completed in one day. Jim will contact Brian Jones to see what is available.

Chief Ruffcorn recommended leaving all trucks at their current location for fire season unless a need arises to change such locations.

It was also stated that Bill Hector desired to remain in the position of Asst Chief and will accept the call number of 302. Steve Hoffmann will return to call number 320.

Jim directed our attention to the needs of replacing/fixing the diesel pump at Eureka Station. It is leaking and Jim recommended we remove both pumps and replace it with 1 quality pump. Chief will contact Mountain Oil for suggestions on correcting the issue as well and update at next meeting.  


Aaron reported that tender 34 is overweight and wanders considerably when driving. Aaron suggested several options to maintain tender while still in use. Surge Busters would help prevent sloshing in tank and make it safer to drive. Brent indicated that he has these in his work tanks and thinks they help. Discussion was held on the costs of making all tenders road legal and safe to drive and it was decided that no major repairs would be made at this time and the possibility of new tenders/tanks would be reviewed. Putting a tin fill on tender 34 and surge busters was approved to make in adequate for 2008 fire season and other tenders are declared out of service until further notice.  

Aaron is implementing monthly checks with checklists for each truck that may include checks for each truck after each incident by the driver. He requested multiple clipboards for this project, all present approved and offered that he look into the sheets that dist # 7 currently uses.  

Grass 32 is currently at Argo Transmission, should be done in the next few days. A transmission temperature gauge was installed on Steve Nooks suggestion to maintain this transmission. Aaron suggested that all grass pick-ups have transmission temperature gauges installed. All commissioners agreed and gave Aaron go ahead to schedule as he saw appropriate.   

Grass 31 was in the shop for stripping and will be completed with a new bumper from Walla Walla Farmers Co-op. Aaron will have back in service as soon as possible. It will be returned to Station 32. 



Aaron Hoffmann updated the commissioners on schedule of CAF unit 39. It should be available no later than the first of June for ‘08 fire season. He discussed the governor and nozzles needed for 39 and commissioners agreed that he should purchase the recommended equipment from the manufacturers.  

Wages were discussed for the Chief and Maintenance officer. It was discussed and decided that the Chief should get $600 per month for his duties and the maintenance officer should receive $500 per month for his duties. Both of these wages are subject to change in the future and commissioners encouraged those in these positions to speak up if there work load gets to be more than what they are being paid.  


New volunteer Manual Alamanzar was accepted with recommendation from the chief. Chief Ruffcorn also recommended Manual as a Training Officer. It was agreed upon by the commissioners. Larry Padberg was also nominated as the EMS officer for the district as he has extensive experience in the field. All present agreed to these new positions for officers. 

Steve Hoffman shared the new rescue kits that had been ordered for all grass units due to his awareness that our district was not meeting a WACs for having a certain amount of first aid supplies at every incident. This was evident when responding to an EMS incident with little supplies needed in grass unit. Larry Padberg will be in charge of maintaining this rescue bags and keeping them updated.  

First responder child abuse protocols were sent by attorney for review and input from all fire districts for first responders. This information was passed on to Jim Ruffcorn to review and discuss with first responders and reply back with any changes as needed.  

Secretary presented a letter to inform the Washington State Department of Licensing to update license information. It is outdated by about 10 years. Commissioners signed. 

Tad Cowell presented 2 AEDs donated by Waitsburg Ambulance. He will check to see if it is up to code and useable for our district. He is continuing to check on the status of the AEDs we have and their level of compliance.  

It was agreed that grass 38 is no longer meeting our needs as a district as it is overweight with slide in tank and is not safe to drive in that condition. A bid for a new replacement has been put out. A special meeting to open bids shall be held 4/24/08 at 764 Hoffman Road Prescott, WA 99348. District # 7 showed interest in purchasing 38 for their district. Aaron offered to take Greg Fletcher to look at it after meeting. A price of $10,000 as is, was agreed upon. This may be made in installments from dist # 7. Greg will let us know after their next commissioners meeting. Greg also offered some information about surplus vehicles through the DNR. Jim offered to look into them more to see if they meet our needs as a district. 

Aaron brought estimates from Inland Cellular that he mentioned in previous month. The cost for phones would be $280 per phone, and then $54/month after that. These would be 3 Watt bag phones with boosters (one time $229 each phone). It was moved by Loren and seconded by Tad to purchase these phones for the rigs. Aaron will purchase phones and install.  


Volunteer Banquet/BBQ tabled until next meeting.

New Run Report due to NFIRS system. New run report forms will be created by Chief and Secretary to meet all information needs of inputting data into NFIRS system and presented at next meeting.  

Not needed 

There being no further business or comments, the meeting adjourned at 22:18 hours

Respectfully Submitted:

Sara Winona
Secretary Chairman           


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